The Severn Estuary

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Severn Estuary Background

The Impact on Severnside of Global Warming:
Flood Risk

Energy Potential of Severn - Alternatives to the Barrage
Tidal stream generators

Wikipedia Barrage entry

Accessory Energy Generators on a Barrage or Lagoon
As well as tidal power, the energy output of a Barrage or Lagoon can be maximised by designing in other renewable energy facilities, namely:
Wind Turbines
Wave generators
Photovoltaic cells

The presence of electricity grid infrastructure will make these installations more economic than if they were placed somewhere else.

The Severn Barrage Project

Properties of the barrage

Barrage Advantages
  1. Renewable energy : 5% of the UK's electrical energy - more if we include wind, wave and PV accessories.
  2. Protection against inundation of Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester, Bristol and Severnside settlements and agricultural land from global - warming induced sea level rise.
  3. Clarification of the turbid water of the Severn Estuary, leading to less disease risk, enhanced biodiversity and better amenity value.
  4. Protection of bird feeding grounds from eventual inundation by sea level rise
  5. A third Severn Crossing
  6. Necessity to have zero emissions to water from Severnside Industry
  7. Necessity of organic farming in the Severn catchment area.
Barrage Disadvantages

Impact on Birds
Impact on Fish
Economics of the Barrage
Displaced water

Economics of the Barrage

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